The Blast Gauge® System


Wireless BGS with Feature markers 4-26-16

Key Features

  • Triage Capable – Wirelessly or via recessed button.
  • Exposure Tailored Treatment – Data transferred wirelessly to mobile app or via USB to PC for detailed event analysis.
  • Durable – Fully encapsulated design withstands weather and impact.
  • Automated – Blast overpressure and acceleration automatically collected and classified.
  • Reprogrammable – Load latest algorithms at time of activation.
  • Small – Less than two cubic inches.
  • Flexible – Instantly mounts to helmet, gear and vehicles.
  • Inexpensive – Quickly outfit deployed troops.
  • Secure – Operator privacy protected.
  • Multipurpose – Route clearance, training, SOF, breaching, SWAT, bomb squad.
  • Made in USA – Proudly keeping jobs at home.

Newest version of The Blast Gauge System®


The new, Wireless Blast Gauge® System incorporates enhanced features including wireless communication capabilities to smart devices and a longer battery life, offering industry-leading performance, lowest system cost, and minimal ongoing logistical support requirements.

  • Overpressure range: 0.5 psi – 110 psi
  • Pressure resolution: 0.05 psi
  • Acceleration: 200g per axis
  • Battery: Lasts more than a year* 


Shelf life is greater than 5 years when stored at temperatures less than 30C.

*At average temperature (~22C) and Operational Tempo of 20%

How It Works

The Blast Gauge® System is easily deployed from dozens to thousands of people. Each gauge is labeled and color-coded for location placement. After a one-time quick setup, disconnect the gauge from a PC or wireless connection and you’re ready to go. LED Indicator Lights are activated via an environmentally sealed recessed button, allowing a field medic to instantly assess exposure based on pre-set thresholds defining moderate and severe events. All data is date and time stamped and transmitted wirelessly to a mobile application, or stored for later download via USB.

IABTI Member Tested #6 BBB Blast Gauge

Certified and Member Tested

The Blast Gauge® System, after thorough trials, earned NTOA Field Tester Recommended Status. The Blast Gauge® System received a resounding 4.78 out of 5. One police officer from Pennsylvania summarized his thoughts:

 I would recommend this product to everyone involved in SWAT and EOD if you are being exposed to explosive blasts, ballistic breaching, and noise flash diversionary devices during your missions and training.

 Four separate agencies trialed the Blast Gauge® System, reporting back with stellar reviews and earning the technology IABTI Member Tested status.

The practicality of these gauges goes beyond the protection and early detection of overpressure injuries and TBI. We concluded that for such a low cost, the Blast Gauges also provided other benefits. In training situations, the gauges could be mounted to determine safe stacking positions during tactical explosive entries, or best placement of distraction devices based upon the size of the room. The data collected during training and operations also would assist in a reduction of liability due to property damaged incorrectly blamed on the utilization of explosives.

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